HPW Reduces Contractor’s Liability to Less than 1%

Ruling on HPW’s summary judgment motion reduces city’s liability from $1.5 million to $12,000.

HPW represented a Georgia municipality in a lawsuit filed by a contractor seeking $1.5 million in damages related to work on a public project. The contractor alleged it was owed monies for extra work performed under its contract, as well as work performed under a change order executed by the parties after unsuitable soils were discovered at the project. The contractor also sought delay damages. HPW moved for summary judgment on the city’s behalf. After oral argument, the Court granted the city summary judgment on all of the contractor’s claims, except a small claim for overhead. This victory reduced the city’s potential liability at trial from $1.5 million to only $12,000.


HPW Reduces Contractor’s Liability to Less than 1%

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